St. Jean Cap Ferrat

The Old Port of Cannes II

The old port in Cannes, France.

The old port in Cannes I

le printemps

Le Printemps, 60″x72″

nymphaea a giverny

Nympheas a Giverny, 60″x72″

blue and green ron

Untitled, 36″x60″

Seated Nude, 48″ x 48″

Sacre Coeur, 54″ x 54″

Bowl of Cherries, 26″ x 26″

Paris, 20″ x 20″

Apple Blossoms, 54″ by 48″

Summer Sunrise 48″ x 48″

Summer, 72″ x 60″

11 responses to “Art

  1. I LOVE your work. fabulous! Can I take a one day class from you? Vicki

  2. love your work!!! will you give me a lesson

  3. your art is incredible! kudos!

  4. Alana Garrett

    Love it!!!!!! We need to get together to have a painting party. I haven’t painted in so long.

  5. letsjapan

    Beautiful website, and, of course, incredible — sometimes mischievous — work, Catherine.

    Although I know you *work* to make each painting Just Right, there’s this apparent *natural* combination of technical confidence with uninhibited imagination that never fails to shine through. Really.

  6. baylis

    send info…i want prices and what is available….

  7. alex

    hey Catherine I love Nympheas a Giverny, would you make me a small copy?

  8. alex

    Hey Catherine I love Nympheas a Gyverny, would you make me a copy?

  9. Joy Martin

    Beautiful work. I enjoyed meeting you at Art in Avondale Park last year. I hope to see you again. ~Joy

  10. Olivia

    These are all amazing! Saw your work in Mobile and had to look you up.

  11. Paulina

    Catherine, all of these paintings are masterpieces! I love the Port in Cannes I and II, Theoule sur Mer to come?

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